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EP198: When the Market Shifts, There Are Going to Be Fewer Buyers out There.

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Alex shares some wisdom on how to keep a steady flow of cash buyers in your pipeline. If you don’t have any cash buyers to turn to when you’ve locked up a contract, then you don’t have a deal! As the market shifts, you’re going to find it harder and harder to get a cash buyer, so it’s important to develop and build those relationships now before it’s too late.


Key Takeaways:

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  • Alex has dived into the topic of cash buyers in the past.
  • The market is going to shift.
  • Alex personally knows guys who do 10-15 deals a month and they don’t do any marketing to sellers.
  • Buyers are getting cautious right now.
  • Make sure you have KPIs on how many potential buyers you speak with.
  • When the market shifts, you want to have more options.
  • Take one action on this and get to work!

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“The market is going to shift, guys. That’s just the way real estate cycles work.”

“Don’t get lazy. Make sure you’re refining your cash buyer system.”

“When the market shifts, it’s going to put a lot of pressure on cash buyers.”

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