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EP204: Cris Chico Reveals How to Find Motivated Sellers on Facebook

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Cris Chico has officially been on the Flip Empire Show three times! Cris is a trailblazer when it comes to the wholesale market and well-known investors have learned off of Cris’s materials. He first introduced the concept of virtual wholesaling as well as generating eye-catching direct-mail copy that almost everybody in the industry uses! On today’s show, Cris shares what he has learned about Facebook ads and discusses how you can leverage this as another marketing tool.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why use Facebook ads?
    • Google PPC (Pay Per Click) is very expensive.
    • Direct mail is still viable but in some markets you need to push a lot of money towards the budget.
    • With Facebook, you can get up and running in a matter of few hours in any market of the country and begin producing leads.
    • You can produce leads for BOTH buyers and sellers.
    • Your buyers and sellers are on Facebook so you should also be there marketing.
    • Not as difficult as PPC – You don’t even need a website.
  • The 3 Secrets to Making Facebook work.
    • 1) Target the zipcodes you would mail.
      • A bad facebook approach is to target the entire county/area.
      • You’ll end up paying a lot more per lead because you’re going to be targeting such a large area.
      • You should target just as if you would with direct mail – focus in on the top 3-5-7 zipcodes.
      • Get a list of cash buyers of the last 6 months in your county and pick the zipcodes with the most investor activity.
    • 2) Be personal NOT corporate.
      • When Cris was starting out he did what most investors were doing.
      • General “we buy houses” ads with stock images do not work at all. Or advertising as a company.
      • What Cris did instead was a more personal approach. “Cris buys houses.” or “I buy houses.”
      • People do business with an individual NOT a company.
      • Cris will give you guys a sample ad at the end of the call.
      • Quick action steps:
        • Your business page should be a personal pages.
        • Images of you and your family. Show them that you’re ahuman being.
    • 3) Facebook is interruption marketing.
      • Although facebook is very much interest-based, Cris’s campaigns ARE NOT.
      • Sellers are not actively engaged with investors or looking for them.. we have to interrupt the sellers.
      • You have to target only the zipcodes with the appropriate age demographics – that is why we need to laser target the zipcodes with the most investor activity.
  • What makes a great Facebook ad?
    • 80% is the image. Grab The Ultimate Digital Bandit Sign Here
      A picture of the seller’s neighbourhood or zipcode is GOLD.
    • Coming across like an individual NOT a corporation
    • Multiple ad copy approaches for every avatar
    • Personalized, “I need to buy a house in ZIPCODE.”
  • What budget does Cris recommend you start with?
  • What is the average cost per lead?
  • What types of results is Cris seeing with his clients?

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“PPC back 2-3 years ago wasn’t that expensive vs. now investors are paying upwards of $200-300 for a lead.”

“I know sellers and everybody else is on Facebook, so how can we extract motivated sellers out of there?”

“Our approach is completely different. It’s personalized. Everything about it calls to the sellers’ attention.”


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