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EP213: Take Your Lead Gen to The Next Level – Part 1

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The real estate game is changing. You have to stand out from the crowd and not do what everybody else is doing. Targeting just on one or two marketing channels no longer works because the market is getting oversaturated. Alex shares some tips on today’s episode on how to take your lead generation strategy to the next level.


Key Takeaways:

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  • If you’re in a hot market, you have to do multichannel marketing, and you have to do it consistently.
  • You have to focus on two things: lead generation and lead conversion.
  • The barriers to entry to get into this business are pretty low and everybody and their mom aspire to flip real estate.
  • How can you jump out and stand above the competitors?
  • He who controls the leads controls the inventory and the market.
  • How can you increase your conversions without increasing your marketing costs?
  • Alex dropped around 20,000 postcards and got feedback from his team that the people who were calling were Spanish speakers only and actually didn’t understand what was on the postcard.
  • The days of focusing on one or two marketing channels are dead. You have to find multiple ways to touch a potential seller so you remain on the top of their mind.
  • Direct mail is a very competitive landscape right now. Alex has to send more mail in order to get the same reaches.
  • Another tip: Keep track of your data and analytics. Bad data can kill you and your marketing budget in an instant.
  • Chances are, your sellers are on more than one list.
  • Alex does a quick recap of what he talked about today. Take one or two of these tips and take action on it.

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“You have to focus on two things: lead generation and lead conversion.”

“What can you do to jump out from everybody else?”

“If you continue to do what everyone and their mom does, you are going to continue to get what everyone and their mom gets.”

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