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EP234: Practical Tips To Improve Your (Direct Mail) Marketing Campaigns

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Alex is back with another solo-episode for this Monday’s masterclass! More and more people are finding out that their direct-mail campaigns are not as effective as they used to be. So, what can you do about it? Alex offers some advice on how you can work towards improving how you present yourself to your potential sellers and close those deals!

Key Takeaways:

  • For many people, direct mail has not been as effective from a response rate perspective as it was in the past.
  • You have to ask yourself a couple of things about the quality of your marketing pieces and list. Alex gives some examples of what you should be thinking about.
  • Ask your sellers why they called you and not your other competitors. This gives you excellent insight into what they’re thinking!
  • When you split test, only change one variable at a time. Don’t change it up drastically or else you’ll have a hard time figuring out what works and what doesn’t!
  • Constantly be marketing, even if you don’t see the results right away. The worst thing you can do is turn it off!
  • How can you go deeper and touch your potential sellers in multiple ways?
  • What makes you different?
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“If your marketing message is off, then forget it, the phone’s not going to ring.”

“Don’t be gun-shy to ASK your sellers, ‘What made you call me?’”

“You definitely want to remain consistent with your marketing. The worst thing you can do is turn on the faucet with your marketing and then turn it off.”


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