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EP235: NINJA TIP To Automate Your Returned Mailers

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Alex was encountering a huge bottleneck in his business when it came to the returned mailers. You never want to just throw away a returned mailer because you never know where you might find a deal, but it can be a tedious process to sift through it all and get updated address for them. Alex shares a tip he found out about on the show that helped him automate the process!

Key Takeaways:

  • What does Alex do with his returned mailers?
  • There are deals in the return mail. Don’t let it sit there.
  • There’s a lot of manual legwork involved to handle those return mailers and that’s why other investors don’t do it. It’s a headache.
  • BUT! There’s a way to automate this process.
  • Before automating the process, Alex hired someone to do it manually and he wasn’t able to keep up with the large volume of it all.
  • Look up “ERS” aka ‘Electronic Return Service’ and see if your direct mail fulfillment center provides it.
  • It’s amazing this service exists! It will save you a lot of time and money.
  • Hope that this quick tip helps you! Feel free to message Alex if it does.

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“Many people don’t do anything with their return mail and it’s basically like flushing money down the toilet.”

“Our return mail was a bottleneck. I had someone who just wasn’t able to keep up with the volume of the return mail.”

“Your direct mail fulfillment center, if they offer this service, will go ahead and send you the spreadsheet with all of the returned mailers and updated addresses.”

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