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EP250: The Sales Process That Uncovers Your Prospects Pain and Motivation — Explained!

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Alex is a little under the weather and is losing his voice, so please bear with him during this big milestone 250th episode! In this solo episode, Alex explains the sales process to help uncover pain and motivation from your sellers. If there is no pain, then it’s very hard to find a solution for your customers!

Key Takeaways:

  • Alex can’t believe he’s 250 episodes in!
  • Alex loves John Martinez’s sales training course and has taken his team through it.
  • It’s so important to focus on the seller and build rapport with them.
  • Remember, without pain, there is no sale!
  • Ask the seller why they decided to reach out to you.
  • Sometimes the solution you bring to the table isn’t something the seller will need right now.
  • What are some examples of impact questions?
  • You then want to ask picture-perfect questions. Alex shares some examples!
  • Are you using the sales process consciously or are you just winging it?
  • You don’t want to beat your sellers into ‘submission.’ That’s a big ‘no-no’ and there’s a better way to approach it.

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Take Action Now on John Martinez’s REI Sales Academy. I have personally gone through this training, and have invested for my entire team to go through. I HIGHLY recommend it!



“The doorway to pain is by asking the seller ‘problem questions,’ which zero in on the seller’s problem.”

“If the seller has no pain, chances are you can’t really help them.”

“Essentially picture-perfect questions are building a bridge between where the prospect is and where you want to be.”

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