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EP267: Leveling Up By Leveraging Strategic Partnerships

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Alex shares some wisdom he learned a few years ago about the power of your network and what they can do for you if you lack capital but have time or if you lack time but have capital. You can make some really awesome JV relationships just by venturing out and asking. Don’t get into something you hate just because you think it’s ‘right.’ Create partnerships instead!


Key Takeaways:

  • We work so hard so that we have the freedom to disconnect (especially during the holidays)!
  • Will the business continue to run when you’re taking time off or will it just stop?
  • If it all stops, you don’t have a business, you have a high-paying job.
  • There is always room for growth.
  • How can you do more through your network?
  • Alex shares an example of his friend who is going through the motions of wholesaling but he’s hating every minute of it.
  • Why put yourself through brain damage when you can leverage your network?
  • When Alex didn’t have a marketing budget, he asked his network and was able to lock up a bunch of deals through JV partnerships instead.
  • Alex would love to bring on successful women in business or real estate and have them featured on the show!
  • Alex also has space to help mentor one more person. If that’s you, reach out!

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“Does the business run without you? Can you take two weeks off, a month off, if you so choose?”

“Do not underestimate how much you can accomplish in a month.”

“There is always room to become a better version of yourself tomorrow than you were today.”

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