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EP331: Alex Shares Low-Cost Strategies His Team Has Implemented To Increase Business

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To continue from last week’s Q&A episode, Alex shares some new ideas his team came up with that would make an impact on the business. Hopefully, this podcast will inspire you to think outside of the box and implement some new strategies into your business.


Key Takeaways:

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  • As a continuation to last Thursday’s episode, Alex shares some of the things his team came up with that were ethical and cost-effective.
  • Alex has an idea bank in Evernote where he keeps track of all the amazing ideas he and his team want to implement.
  • Alex recognizes he needs to get better about marketing on social media.
  • Put bandit signs in front of properties you have under contract.
  • Get more proactive about asking for feedback after you close a deal.
  • Loyalty program for Alex’s buyers and investors.
  • Alex recognizes he needs to implement a better referral system with their sellers.


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“Surveying our buyers to find out more about them and hosting happy hours for our buyers and our investors. Take our top buyer out for lunch once a week.”

“I’m hoping that this is kind of stirring the pot inside your head as to what you can do in your business. That’s really the goal.”

“As we continue to test these new ideas, I will obviously bring that here to you on the podcast.”


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