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EP333: Have You Tried To Put Yourself OUT OF BUSINESS?

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Alex and his team recently had their quarterly team meeting and Alex realized that he has to give more options to his sellers in today’s competitive market. Let’s face it, sellers have more options and if you only offer one or two things, they can easily find a better service elsewhere. Alex shares some of the things his company will be doing differently going forward.

Key Takeaways:

  • Look at yourself as a hired consultant.
  • There’s someone out there looking to put you out of business.
  • Poke holes in your business and see where you can improve.
  • Alex and his team put their heads together to see what unique offerings they can provide to their customers.
  • Alex explains what a novation agreement is.
  • Alex was also hesitant to deal with listing properties in his business. Seemed like it would make the business more complicated.
  • Sellers have options, they don’t need to really work with you.
  • How can you become extremely valuable in the eyes of the seller?
  • Make sure to listen to episode 328! Lots of valuable information in it!

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Episode 328: “Here’s Your Opportunity to ASCEND Your Life & Business (w/ Steve Cavanaugh and Alex Pardo)”


“What are the threats to your business? How would a market downturn affect your business?”

“Challenge your team. Knowing what you know about our business, how would you put us out of business?”

“I think where the market is, you have to offer sellers more options, because, let’s be honest, sellers have options.”

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