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EP334: Nick Aalerud Details Financial Hardships, Valuable Lessons Learned, and How He Overcame All Obstacles on his Road to Success

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Nick Aalerud has been a real estate investor for 14 years and has had his fair share of challenges. In today’s episode, Nick gets completely transparent about the devastating mistakes he has made in his real estate career and the importance of having the right mindset to help him get out of the depression he faced. Mistakes happen, but don’t let it destroy you.

Key Takeaways:

  • What does Nick’s business look like today?
  • What are Nick’s thoughts on where the market is headed?
  • Nick breaks down his team and each of their roles.
  • Nick has had his fair share of his ups and downs.
  • Your success in life depends on how well you’re able to embrace stress.
  • Remember, your worst day can be somebody’s best day.
  • Nick spent so much money on courses and wasn’t getting any deals. He used a shampoo bottle as an accountability partner to help him spark some fire under his butt.
  • Nick wanted to so badly get his first deal that he ended up getting completely scammed! The only problem was, his credit was now reporting on ten loans.
  • What was Nick’s biggest takeaway during these very tough moments?
  • It was in 2012 when Nick finally was able to recover from his mistakes in 2005.
  • Nick was so embarrassed about what happened to him that it took him years to finally open up to his mistakes.
  • Nick kept laser-focused on his dream and his vision for the future and it helped him keep getting out of bed each morning.
  • Nick shares what he’s learned after 14 years of being in this business.
  • Alex and Nick go through a rapid question round!

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Book Recommendation: Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds, by David Goggins



“I don’t know who said it, but success in life is directly correlated to how well you learn to embrace stress.”

“When you’ve got ten loan creditors calling you on Robo Dialer every 38 seconds and someone use tactics that they should never use, I literally checked out. I checked out emotionally and physically.”

“Call me smart or call me a complete idiot, I just didn’t believe that bankruptcy was an option back then. I signed for those loans, these are my responsibilities, I got to make good on them.”

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