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EP338: Michael Moulton Shares Insider Secrets on How You Can Capitalize by Working with iBuyers (like Offer Pad & Open Door)

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Michael Moulton is a real estate fix-and-flipper based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. He left his corporate career to pursue real estate and now has a small team of six people. Technology has really changed the game in his market and he has been working proactively with iBuyers to get deals locked up at a great rate. He dives in on this week’s episode to share a little bit more about how you can get into finding and working with iBuyers in your area!

Key Takeaways:

  • How did Mike get into real estate?
  • Mike met his wife when he was in corporate and she helped him with his side hustle when they were still working full-time jobs.
  • Alex thinks sometimes you have to burn the ship and convince yourself failure isn’t an option.
  • What does Mike’s team look like today?
  • Big teams aren’t always sunshine and rainbows.
  • Mike shares why he purposely chose to have a small team.
  • Mike shares a story of a friend of his who just works with his son building custom homes.
  • What is an iBuyer?
  • Where do you find iBuyers?
  • What makes iBuyers unique?
  • Timing is very important when you’re working with iBuyers. You don’t want them to know how much you paid for the house.
  • What types of homes are iBuyers looking for?
  • What’s the process of finding an iBuyer and selling them a house?
  • How do iBuyers control the terms of their offer?
  • If you have a hard time finding a buyer the traditional way, does it make sense to send it to an iBuyer?
  • Mike thinks 80-90% of brokers will be gone in 3–5 years.

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Here are some of the big iBuyers:



“Here’s one learning though. You cannot wholesale to these iBuyers. You don’t have to have it bought, but you have to have a plan that you’re shortly going to take ownership of it.”

“iBuyers typically don’t like beater homes or class C or D areas. The best ones to send them are houses that aren’t going to need a lot of renovation to resell or get them rented.”

“Zillow is still a little bit behind the 8-ball. We couldn’t even get our images uploaded to their site, a lot of challenges with file sizes, it’s a very clunky process and it takes 12 days to get back to us and that’s with us following up, following up.”

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