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EP340: Hunter Hayden Outlines How You Can Exponentially Multiply Profits with In-Fill Development and Land Acquisition

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Hunter Hayden is James Hawk’s business partner and has some insight on how you can make double the profit you currently make through infill development deals. Infill development deals is a topic we haven’t covered on the show before, so hopefully, it can open up your eyes to the amount of money you’re leaving on the table! Find out how Hunter structures them on this week’s show. 

Key Takeaways:

  • What do infill development and land acquisition mean?
  • Alex’s biggest wholesale deal ever was last year at $126K and it was a double lot.
  • How did Hunter get into real estate?
  • You can easily make wholesaling your side hustle! Most people call you back at night!
  • When Hunter went into insurance, it gave him another jumping-off point to hone in and polish up his sales skills.
  • How did Hunter first meet James and partner up with him?
  • On Hunter and Jame’s first deal, they made six figures.
  • What makes James a good business partner and how can others do the same?
  • Trust is CRITICAL in a business relationship!
  • When did Hunter realize he was leaving money on the table by not doing these infill development deals?
  • Never stop learning. Keep educating yourself when you’re real estate. It only can help you make more money.
  • Networking with commercial brokers, builders, agents is highly important!
  • How can you first identify these properties?
  • Sometimes all it takes is just asking the right person what you can do with a difficult/unusual property.
  • How does Hunter find these properties?
  • Buyers really, really want these unique properties.
  • Hunter is working on a course to help investors get creative with their deals and find these hidden gems.
  • Hunter shares an example of what a deal like this would look like.
  • In this case study, Hunter was able to extend the contract out a little longer to get the right approval he needed before closing on the deal. It’s important to communicate expectations with the seller.
  • Sometimes wholesaling it might not be the best option for big properties. Breaking it up in parcels can really help double your profits.
  • Get multiple buyers at the showing to increase competition.
  • Hunter shares what type of buyer he likes working with.
  • It’s important to also set expectations with your buyers so that they don’t bail on you last minute!
  • What’s one piece of advice Hunter would share with his younger self?

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“I didn’t know anything about wholesaling at the time, I just knew I wanted to be in real estate and I knew I wanted to work for myself.”

“I think a lot of partnerships get a little weak because one starts hustling and the other one starts slacking. You both have to perform at a high level.”

“The more educated you are, you’re going to make more money.”

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