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EP341: Increasing Your Internal Thermostat for Success

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Alex was recently listening to one of Ed Mylett’s podcast episodes and Ed was discussing the importance of your “inner thermostat”. We have hot and cold months, and so does your body! It’s important to not take your foot off the gas when you experience a very hot and successful month. Find out more in this week’s episode.

Key Takeaways:

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  • Ed Mylett believes we all have an “internal thermostat”.
  • When we experience a lot of success, our lives will start to cool back down.
  • When we deal with hard times, we get fired up to achieve success.
  • When you experience success, do you shift your mindset?
  • Operate with intention and purpose… always!
  • Don’t take your foot off the gas.
  • Surround yourself with people who have a higher thermostat than you.
  • Go above and beyond in your work.
  • Zillow has now become a competitor in Alex’s market.
  • What are some of Alex’s strengths that the bigger guys simply don’t have?
  • Operate from an abundance mindset, not from fear.

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“We had a strong, strong August and I found myself, not intentionally taking my foot off the gas, but just not operating at the same level of intensity and purpose.”

“You have to take stock and inventory and ask yourself, ‘When I experience success, do I have a shift in mindset?’”

“Our temperature is set to a certain degree. Every single one of us and what we need to do is naturally bring up the thermostat and set a higher degree in our life.”

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