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EP344: Jason Palliser Deep Dives On Several Cheap (& No-Cost) Creative Lead Generation Strategies You Can Leverage To Attract Truly Motivated Sellers

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Jason Palliser is a sought after Off Market Acquisitions specialist. With 17+ years as a national speaker on Real Estate Investment, he has trained over 22,000 investors on the science of building systems to destroy real estate markets. Today, he teaches his 2 Day Investment Blueprint strategy to seasoned and new investors so that they can acquire deal in unique and creative ways. Did you know there are 30-plus ways you can find deals, and you don’t need a big marketing budget to crush it in this space? Stop pooling your money into marketing channels that simply don’t work and start thinking outside the box.


Key Takeaways:

  • What does Jason’s business look like today?
  • How did Jason get into real estate?
  • When Jason first get started, he made every type of mistake under the sun.
  • How does Jason’s business model work and why does he partner with bigger companies?
  • Jason’s blueprint is set up so that people do not miss a deal.
  • Jason was able to acquire 60 houses in a month for one of his clients.
  • Jason teaches 32 ways you can find deals, but he lists some of his top favorite ways and how you can apply them in your business.
  • How does Jason do direct-mail campaigns for free?
  • How does Jason look at marketing?
  • Jason setups himself up to be the hardcore backup plan for those facing foreclosure. He builds relationships that are built on giving first.
  • What does Jason do differently with his tax delinquent list?
  • Jason walks investors down a ‘perfect investor day’ map.
  • Work on one marketing channel at a time!
  • Marketing budgets spiral out of control because no one has the correct protocols in place to efficiently leverage their marketing.
  • How does Jason see/handle owner financing?
  • Remember — get out of your own way. Follow the process, and do it smartly.
  • What’s one piece of advice Jason would offer his younger self?

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“Client needs to build a rental portfolio fast. The most recent one being 1,000 homes in 72 months. That’s real pressure. So, I will come in and set up a blueprint to not miss a freaking deal.”

“Block out two hours with just you or even with your team, and have an ‘it’s not good enough’ meeting.”

“Our tax delinquent is my favorite source of all time. We just destroy it. We had one guy get a 42% response rate.”

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