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EP362: Marketing Nerd, Dan Barrett, Divulges What Real Estate Investors Need To Know To Successfully Market on Facebook & YouTube in 2020

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Dan Barrett is the Founder at AdWords Nerds, an online marketing agency for real estate investors. He got started in this career in a very unconventional way, through marketing to bands and musicians. However, with Dan’s diverse background as a musician, teacher, and web developer, he was able to see a big gap in the market when it came to marketing. Get some of Dan’s excellent marketing tips in this week’s episode!

Key Takeaways:

  • How did Dan first get started in real estate?
  • It’s very hard to find motivated sellers online. How can you break through this barrier?
  • The truth is, the investing niche is super behind when it comes to their marketing game.
  • Ad prices have gone up 10X to 25X since Dan has started.
  • Dan pays someone to run his own ads because he simply doesn’t have time to do them!
  • Not every real estate investor has to be pouring their resources into online marketing. It depends on whether it’s within your niche or not. Sometimes, a website is just good enough.
  • What are Dan’s thoughts about Facebook ads?
  • Facebook ads have huge limitations now for real estate investors.
  • How can investors adapt to these new regulations?
  • How can you brand yourself as the local expert?
  • Dan shares his thoughts on how to market on YouTube.
  • What type of content should you be putting out there?
  • People want to work with people that are like them.
  • Test, test, test your ads.
  • What kind of budget should you have for ads?
  • Remember to start small.
  • What social media platform should you focus on?

Mentioned in This Episode:

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“Real estate investing is perpetually five years behind everyone (in terms of marketing) for whatever reason.”

“Now when you go to create a Facebook ad as an investor, there’s a checkbox if you’re in the housing category, and your targeting options are dramatically reduced.”

“What works best for content is selfie-videos, plain videos, not a lot of production, and quick. Aim for a minute to two minutes.”

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