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EP372: Discovering Your Purpose & Learning to Master Your Emotions, with Juan Carlos Bernal

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Juan Carlos Bernal is a serial entrepreneur, and has made a big impact on Alex’s life over the last 10 years. Juan Carlos is an executive coach and works with clients to overcome roadblocks (big and small), so they can experience massive breakthroughs. In today’s episode, Juan discusses how you can uncover your purpose, why we look for success in all the wrong places, and the importance of dealing with your negative emotions or fears in a healthy way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Alex has known Juan Carlos for over a decade. Juan has been coaching Alex since they met, and he’s helped him in his personal life and business.
  • Juan Carlos is not an investor; he comes from the consulting world in the technology sector.
  • Why do people not do the inner work they need to do to succeed?
  • We look for success in the wrong places.
  • We are taught all the wrong things. Fake it till you make it, etc. In reality, what makes us successful is our purpose.
  • Authenticity is the new currency.
  • How can we find our purpose?
  • We don’t create our purpose; we have to find it. God sent us with a purpose already within us; we just need to uncover it. This takes time.
  • If someone had to talk at your funeral, and they couldn’t lie about you, what would they say about you?
  • We are enslaved by our needs and no matter how much you try, we will never fulfill it.
  • When we release that need, that’s when things really start flowing and start happening for you.
  • How can you let go? Where’s the fine line between focusing and letting go?
  • How can we better deal with the negative emotions in our heads?
  • Every emotion has a timeframe. When you repress it, it will be worse. When you give it what it needs, you will be set free from it.
  • What advice would Juan Carlos give to his younger self?

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“Don’t aim at success. The more you aim at it and make it a target, the more you will miss it.”

“I realize that it’s our purpose that makes us successful.”

“Everything that you’re afraid of — everything that’s preventing you, that invisible force — is an emotion.”


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