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EP375: $37K Pop on a Lead that is 4 Years Old? A Story about Persistence, and Using Empathy to Solve a Seller's Problem

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Alex is days away from closing a big deal but it’s taken four years to get this far. The lead was even marked ‘dead’ at one point but was revived through an automatic text campaign. The seller went MIA for weeks and when he finally resurfaced, he had a very strange objection for not going forward. Alex decided to try a different approach and use tactical empathy to really understand what’s going on with this seller and because of this, they were able to move forward with the deal.

Key Takeaways:

  • Alex is expected to make a 37K net profit on an upcoming deal. This was a lead that was in his system for over four years!
  • The lead has gone through quite a journey. They lost communication with him around Thanksgiving.
  • They couldn’t find him! He went MIA for two weeks!
  • The buyer was patiently waiting and the situation was getting stressful. However, Alex realized he was looking at this problem the wrong way.
  • Finally, in mid-December, they made contact with the seller again.
  • The seller was so determined to get the keys back from the tenants, who had already left the property. They were going to change the locks anyway, so why was he so focused on this?
  • Time to take a break and put yourself in this guy’s shoes.
  • How can I personally help you?
  • Go above and beyond. Don’t just accept the surface level objections.
  • Employ tactical empathy. Once Alex was able to do that, he was able to figure out what was really wrong.

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Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It, by Christopher Voss and Tahl Raz


“We lost communication with him. Not because of lack of effort, but the guy stopped being responsive.”

“When we’re working with a homeowner or any client, for that matter, make sure you get multiple ways to get in contact with that person.”

“Put yourself in the person’s shoes from their perspective, not from your perspective.”

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