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EP377: Here's How YOU CAN Get Others to Pay for your Lifestyle (AND Add Massive Value To Their Lives!)

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Alex is ready for the new year and hopes you are too! Do you have an item, destination or experience that you really want but it’s too expensive to get? Sometimes, you can find and create creative ways to experience those bucket-list items for free if you think a little bit out of the box and add value to others.


Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t drop off on your goals and resolutions by February!
  • Skys the limit. You can create whatever life you want.
  • Do you want something? Ask yourself how can you get someone else to pay for it!
  • Ask the right questions, and you’ll brain will give you the right answers.
  • Alex shares an example of how he was able to help investors, help the community, and travel for free.
  • You can have the strategy, but until you get the vision, story, and mindset right, the strategy won’t matter.
  • Ask yourself: How you can add value and get what you want at the same time?
  • If fear comes up, replace your negative emotion with a positive one.
  • You can’t be grateful and fearful at the same time.
  • Don’t ever make important decisions from a negative emotional state.
  • Your heart already has the answers.
  • Whatever you want to accomplish, you can do it!

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“If you can, then you must.”

“If you ask the right questions, then you will get the right answers.”

“You can be executing on the wrong strategy if you don’t have the right vision.”

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