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EP396: The Competitive Advantage Few Know About, that will Help You Pick Up an Extra 2-3 Deals a Month – Caleb Pearson

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Caleb Pearson is a realtor, broker, and successful investor. His team is currently closing 2-3 deals a month off the MLS alone. Caleb developed a software that helps you win the property investment race by streamlining your offer process. He explains what the software does and how it can help real estate investor’s on this week’s show! 

Key Takeaways:

  • Between the years 2013-2016, Alex and his team were closing 80% of their deals off of the MLS. 
  • Caleb does about 200 transactions a year on the retail side.
  • How can you best leverage the MLS in today’s market? 
  • Caleb buys 2-3 times a month off the MLS. 
  • How does Caleb’s system work? 
  • Be careful! You don’t want to send out 2,000 offers in one day. Your phones will be blowing up. 
  • You got to be proactive when sending out your offers. Caleb does 50 a day. 
  • Caleb shares his process from start to finish. 
  • Caleb prefers buying houses built in 2015 or older.
  • Once Caleb sends the offers, what’s the next step after that? 
  • Even though you’re sending offers on the MLS, take the time to build a long-term relationship with the listing agent. You never know, you could be the first one they tell about a hot new deal coming up. 
  • Agents hate it when you send blind offers. How do you navigate this? 
  • Google street view is your friend! 
  • What should you do if you upset an agent? 
  • If you plan to get a team member to do this, what’s a good compensation package for them? 
  • The best way to succeed in this is to have consistency.
  • Want to check out the software? Link is below! 
  • Alex admits he’s been too reliant on the direct-to-seller model and is eager to use Caleb’s product. 
  • What’s one piece of advice Caleb would give to his younger self? 
  • Remember, cash flow is what’s going to set you free! 

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Streamline Your Offer Process with Zoom Offers to Win the Property Investment Race



“Investors say the MLS is dead and you can’t buy good deals off the MLS anymore.”

“Our best deals we’ve bought have been like 4-5 siblings who have inherited the house and have had it way overpriced for so long and they finally get an offer. They’re ready for you to take it.”

“There’re 7,000 agents on the market right now, it’s super competitive and these agents are hungry, so I don’t mind giving up the 3% commission.”

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