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EP400: ASCEND Mastermind Call – How to Prepare & Navigate (Personally & Business) Through a Changing Real Estate Market

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Alex & Steve recently hosted a private, ASCEND members-only Mastermind call to discuss how they can prepare and navigate, both personally and in business, and you’re about to get access to the first hour of that call. Alex & Steve dive into Mindset, and share practical, strategic advice from a business perspective. Now more than ever is when you want to be connected to a community like ASCEND, so if you’re interested in learning more, apply here.


Key Takeaways:

  • THANK YOU for allowing us to reach the 400 episodes milestone! Alex greatly appreciates you!
  • Alex wants to give you a sneak peek behind a recent ASCEND (members-only) mastermind call.
  • The news just perpetuates more fear and can be very negative.
  • Regardless of some of the tough things that are happening right now, this is going to pass.
  • Mindset is critical in a time like this.
  • Before you make big decisions, ask yourself if it’s fear-based or if this is strategic. Are you operating out of FAITH or FEAR?
  • Don’t feel prepared? That’s what Alex and Steve are here for.
  • Now is the time to step up as a leader.
  • Exercise is so important! Don’t stop just because the gyms are closed.
  • Cut out all non-essential spending right now.
  • Make sure you have some cash reserves on hand (both personally and in your business).
  • Survey the landscape and be strategic!
  • Follow-up is gold right now. Keep doing it.
  • Alex is sending a customized two-page mail piece.
  • Communicate with EVERYONE! Over-communicate if need be. Stay connected.
  • Think through if you need to redefine your “buy box”.
  • Some courts are closed right now, so it’s going to affect your deeds.
  • Transaction coordinator side: babysit your deals to the closing table.
  • Remember, be a professional. Go above & beyond for people.
  • Look at money outflow right now and ask yourself if this expense is producing the results you want?
  • Alex does a quick rapid-fire session on what you should be doing right now.
  • Should you decrease the size of your team?
  • Don’t have enough cash on hand? Consider liquidating assets.
  • As of this moment, President Trump is suspending foreclosures and evictions to the end of April.
  • Reach out to your tenants and keep the lines of communication open.
  • Don’t try to time the market.
  • Use this opportunity to improve yourself, and tighten up your business processes / systems / KPIs, etc.
  • If you are able to automate your rents, do it right now.
  • If you are considering buying a short-term rental, make sure you have multiple exit strategies.

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“Tough times don’t last, tough people do.”

“Liquidity right now is gold. Have cash, have capital, not just on the personal side, but on the business side.”

“Life has a way of humbling you. This is an opportunity to go out and help more people.”

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