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EP405: Finding Strategic Alliances to Collaborate, Joint Venture and Grow!

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It’s time to adapt to this new market. We are in a buyer’s market, which means new deals are easier to acquire, but that also means they’re harder to sell. Now is the perfect time to open up your network and find strategic partnerships and people who are willing to help, collaborate, and bring you up.


Key Takeaways:

  • It’s been a month since the pandemic flipped our world around, and we need to adapt accordingly. 
  • Protect your brain from negativity. Make sure you’re in the right inner circle to boost you up.
  • Alex and his team had their quarterly meeting and they discussed shifting their business model.
  • Alex’s company created a private Facebook group for active South Florida investors.
  • Think about where you can strategically add value and enhance other people’s lives.
  • Now is the perfect time to develop joint ventures!
  • Get creative and think about new ways you can get some deals coming in.
  • Don’t be stuck to the typical ways of doing deals.
  • You might be in quarantine, but just stay positive and keep moving forward!
  • Find the right community that is going to uplift you.

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How To Grow Your Business, Expand Your Impact, and Experience Your Perfect Life: Don’t Wait To Enjoy Your Life Tomorrow, Live It Today!

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Alex’s new Facebook group for South Florida Investors


“It’s in times of crisis and uncertainty that you get to show what you’re made of.”

“50% of a watermelon is better than 100% of a grape.”

“We’ve shifted from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market. Acquiring deals is a little bit easier now.”

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