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EP428: Adrian Nez — Closing More Deals with The Ultimate Real Estate Investor Content Marketing Blueprint

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Adrian Nez is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, and Content Marketer that loves to share tips on how to get your message out! Business is tough, which is why Adrian is an open book when it comes to his knowledge of Content Marketing. Content Marketing can seem very intimidating for some, and even putting yourself out there on camera to talk about what you do can be scary, but if you start small and practice, you will get better and better over time.


Key Takeaways:

  • Let’s talk about Content Marketing!
  • Adrian is so happy he’s in the ASCEND Mastermind & Coaching community because he’s surrounded by the right people and he is able to be himself.
  • Who is Adrian and what does he do?
  • Why is Content Marketing important?
  • When it comes to writing good content, you have to look at it like you’re empowering people, not trying to sell them something.
  • It’s so easy to market ‘everywhere’, but it’s not about that. It’s about marketing in the right place.
  • How can you define your customer avatar?
  • Define your niche.
  • Alex breaks down his deals and what types of metrics they track.
  • If someone is just getting started, what should they focus on first?
  • Instead of throwing a bunch of industry jargon at your customer, speak on their terms!
  • Sometimes, people don’t really know what you “really” do. So, break it down, explain it in a video.
  • It’s your job to educate your customer.
  • People are very skeptical about what wholesalers do. They think it’s a scam. So, the more education you can provide, the better it is.
  • Learn how to think backward. Think from the customer’s point of view. 
  • Marketers are forced to dig in and start from the basics.
  • Get specific, people pay more attention to the specifics when looking at an ad.
  • The goal of your industry is to talk to as many people as possible, even if they’re not deals.
  • Adrian asks a specific question in his box about concerns his potential might have with working with him. It gives him a ton of insight as to what people are concerned about.
  • Got a roadblock happening in your life right now? Well, you’re an entrepreneur, find a way to make it happen!
  • Real estate and online marketing have changed Adrian’s family tree.
  • How can you best find, and hire, a great content marketer?
  • There’s something very powerful about sharing your own message.
  • Not too comfortable about putting yourself out there? Well, there are tons of opportunities out there to practice!
  • Adrian is still learning and still growing. This is an everyday process.
  • Adrian loves being an ASCEND member because the community puts family as a priority. 

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“I think each and every one of us wants the best for others. We love our industry so much, we want people to win.”

“All content marketing is, you’re using content to empower and educate. By empowering them to make a better decision, you’re bringing value to them.”

“Learn how to think backward. Learn to think from the customer’s point of view.”

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